Acti-Gel 208

High Purity Magnesium Alumino Silicate

  • Acti-Gel®208 admixture is a highly purified hydrous magnesium aluminosilicate product made from a patented process that creates pure, uniformly sized, rod-shaped mineral particles.


  • Acti-Gel® 208 high performance thixotropic anti-settling agent is used in a wide variety of water-based industrial applications – regardless of pH!


  • Acti-Gel® 208 rheology modifier’s unique properties greatly improve the suspension and flowability of high solids liquid mixtures with no hysteresis and no viscosity creep or fading, even under repeated shear. It’s low dosage makes it an easy-to-use drop-in or add-on-top fix for syneresis control.


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Mineral Slurries
• Suspending Agent for:
° Mineral Slurry Long Distance Pipeline Concentrates (30% – 75% solids)
° Paste / Thickened Tailings (PTT) & Backfill Applications (30% – 75% solids)
° Acti-Gel works in Salt and Brackish Water

Concrete Products
• Mineral VMA for use in Pumpable & Sprayable Concrete products such as:
° SCC Mixes
° Mine Seals
° Geo-Polymer Concrete
° Pre-cast Concrete
° Cellular Concrete
° Hollow Core Slab
° Pavers
° Ground Consolidation
° Aggregate Piers
° Caissons
° Auger Pressure Grouted (APG) Piling Shotcrete
° Shot Crete
° Mortars, Plasters, Grouts

Industrial Applications
• Suspending Agent for:
° Ceramic Glazes for Tiles and Bricks
° Pigments,Paints & Coatings, Ink
° Gypsum & Concrete Wall Board
° Joint Compounds
° Leveling Compounds
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Oil Field Products
• Suspending Agent in products used in Frac & Completion Fluids.

Catalyst & Molecular Sieves
• Binder & Extrusion Aid in High Performance Molecular Sieves
• Binder & Extrusion Aid in Hydro Process Alumina Catalysts
• Extrusion Aid and Binder in Diesel Particulate Trap (DPT)

Agricultural Applications
• Suspending Agent and Binder for:

° Specialty Pesticides

° Herbicides

° Fertilizers including live bacteria.

•Acti-Gel Works in salt and brackish water.